News | January 6, 2020

Yangon Excelsior Hotel winner of MRTI Child Safe Award

The Yangon Excelsior Hotel was the winner of the first Best Practice in Child Safe Tourism Award as part of the Myanmar Responsible Tourism Institute (MRTI) Awards for 2019. The award was developed with MRTI in conjunction with the Australian Government Child Safe Volunteering Hub project in Myanmar.
The Yangon Excelsior Hotel was judged as child safe due to a number of factors. The Hotel has a Child Protection Policy outside of its HR policy and has strong internal awareness and practice on preventing children from being used in child sex tourism. Under its HR policy, Yangon Excelsior Hotel only recruit those 18 years and above; however if students coming in from their partner hospitality school, they will accept the students as interns and under formal agreement with the schools and the students. The scope of highlighting the importance of child sex tourism and child safe tourism is stronger within their own organisation, however measures are taken to ensure their suppliers and partner organisations also comply with Yangon Excelsior’s Child Protection Policy.
Yangon Excelsior Hotel has produced their own “Child Safe Organisation” logo displayed in their marketing goods (eg: water bottles), as stickers used on receipts and displayed in their library. Yangon Excelsior Hotel also uses ACCOR’s WATCH materials to train their staff and raise awareness on child safe tourism. Congratulations to the Yangon Excelsior Hotel and staff and stay tuned for an interview with the hotel management soon.

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