News | September 8, 2019

DFAT Press Release

The Australian Government is very pleased to announce the launch of the Child Safe Volunteering Hub website.

Australia is committed to advancing the rights of children globally and is part of a global community of signatories to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child that advocates for the needs of children all over the world. Australia was the first country in the world to recognise the trafficking and exploitation of children in orphanages as a form of modern slavery and continues to be a global leader in the fight against orphanage voluntourism.

The Australian Government launched a public advocacy campaign in 2018 to discourage short-term, unskilled volunteering in orphanages. The Smart Volunteering campaign encourages potential volunteers to check on the organisations with whom they propose to volunteer, to avoid inadvertently contributing to the exploitation of children through the practice of orphanage voluntourism.

Australia has established this new Child Safe Volunteering Hub to promote responsible, child-safe volunteering and tourism practices and strengthen child safeguarding outcomes in countries in our region. The Hub aims to build public awareness of responsible volunteering and provide tools and resources for people and organisations wanting to improve child safeguarding practices.
DFAT invites local and international partners to participate in the Child Safe Volunteering Hub and collaborate to create a network focused on promoting best practice and sharing knowledge in child safeguarding and responsible tourism and volunteering.


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