Child Safe Volunteering Hub

Promoting Responsible and Child Safe Volunteering and Tourism in the Asia-Pacific Region

What regions do
we operate in?


The Pacific

What is the Child Safe Volunteering Hub?

Each Hub provides a locally focused central point to:

  • Create awareness about best practice in responsible and child safe volunteering and tourism.
  • Bring together and share knowledge, resources, tools, guidelines, events and news.
  • Prevent volunteering and tourism practices harmful to the safety and wellbeing of children, such as orphanage tourism.
  • Collaborate and link into local expertise in responsible and child safe volunteering and tourism practices and the safeguarding of children.

Who is the Child Safe Volunteering Hub for?

The hub is open to:

  • children and young people
  • individuals
  • organisations (non-government, faith based, community based)
  • residential care institutions
  • schools and universities
  • government
  • tourism/volunteer sector and operators
  • tourists and volunteers

Child & Youth Space

Announcing the launch of the Child & Youth Space

The Space has been developed for children and young people in Fiji and contains information on child and youth rights, online safety, and access to local services in a child and youth friendly format.

The Youth Blog is all about creating a conversation of young people’s voices. It provides a place to connect, explore and share ideas, stories and issues that are important to children and youth in Fiji. Children and young people can also submit artwork, videos, poetry, music and podcasts.

Global Hub

Rethinking Short Term Missions

Together, let’s improve mission trips and leave unethical missions behind.

Landmark moment as the UN calls for the end of orphanages.

On the 18 December 2019, for the first time ever, all 193 member states of the United Nations have formally recognised that orphanages don’t protect children, they harm them, and have called for the progressive elimination of institutional care globally.

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